Transform Speech to clear text with AI

Create clear, well-structured notes, emails, tweets, or posts using only your voice.

How it works

  • 1. Recording

    Record anything from your inner thoughts to study materials, or lyrics of your favorite song, for example.

  • 2. Choose style

    Select your preferred style to customize your text

  • 3. Review result

    Review generated easy-to-read text and regenerate if there is need

  • 4. Use power of AI

    Use different tools such summarizing, transcribing, organizing, formatting, and assisting with language.

  • 5. Save to notebook

    Feel free, simply save all your results, edit them, add titles and notes



Audio to Clear Text

Convert spoken words into impeccably clear and error-free text. AdutorAI ensures your audio content is transformed into easily readable and understandable text.

Audio up to 3 min

Process audio clips of up to 3 minutes in length with AdutorAI, ideal for quick meetings, interviews, or any short audio content.

Save Notes

Easily save your transcribed content as notes, keeping your valuable information organized and accessible whenever you need it.

Edit Note

Tailor your notes precisely to your liking. Edit, refine, and perfect your transcriptions with AdutorAI's intuitive editing feature.

Make a note shorter

Effortlessly condense and simplify notes with AI. Cut redundancy, save time, and keep the core message intact.

Make a note longer

Easily enrich your text with our AI-powered expansion feature, maintaining your original context and style.


Let our AI summarize your notes effortlessly, providing concise, time-saving summaries that highlight key points and essential information.


Effortlessly break language barriers with our AI translation. Convert notes into multiple languages with accuracy.


Revamp your notes using AI restyling. Elevate their visual and formatting to captivate your audience with a fresh and unique look.

Regenerate note

Request an alternative generated output if you are unsatisfied with the initially generated note.

Show Original Transcript

Compare the generated text with the original audio transcript to ensure accuracy and make any necessary adjustments.

Write in Different Styles

Customize your text to suit your specific writing style, making them perfect for various purposes, from formal documents to casual notes.

Output - Input Language Settings

Seamlessly switch between different input and output languages, ensuring that your transcriptions are accurate, no matter the language.

AI that Improves Daily

Our advanced algorithms learn and enhance daily, guaranteeing top-notch transcriptions.

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